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Plymouth Satellite


The Plymouth Satellite is an automobile introduced in 1965 as the top model in Plymouth's mid-size Belvedere line. The Satellite remained the top of the line model until the 1967 model year, where it became the mid-price model with the GTX taking its place as the top model. The Fury name was moved to Plymouth's mid-size models for 1975, at which time the Satellite name disappeared. The Satellite was built on Chrysler's mid-size "B" platform.

In 1951, Plymouth introduced the Cranbrook Belvedere. The Plymouth Belvedere became a separate product line in 1954; from 1954 to 1959, the Belvedere was considered a unique Plymouth model, but was essentially a trim-line of the basic Plymouth car, along with the Plaza, Cambridge, and Cranbrook. (Plymouth Belvedere 1951-1959). Belvedere and Satellite forumsIn late 1959, the Plymouth-Desoto division became the Plymouth-DeSoto-Valiant division.

A new car, the Valiant, appeared — first branded simply Valiant, then, in 1961, falling under the Plymouth umbrella. This revolutionary new car would be wildly popular, drawing buyers from the “standard” Plymouth line. It would also be the first time in many years that Plymouth sold two very different cars with completely different bodies.

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Der Plymouth Satellite ist ein Automobil im Jahr 1965 als Top-Modell in Plymouth Belvedere Mittelklasse-Linie eingeführt. Der Satellite blieb die Oberseite der Linie Modell bis zum Modelljahr 1967, wo wurde es zum Mid-Price-Modell mit der GTX nimmt seinen Platz als Top-Modell.

La Plymouth Satellite est une automobile introduit en 1965 sous le modèle haut de gamme à Plymouth de mi-taille de la ligne du Belvédère. Le satellite est resté le modèle haut de gamme jusqu'à l'année modèle 1967, où il est devenu le modèle à mi-prix avec la GTX prend sa place comme le modèle haut de gamme.

 Plymouth Satellite on auto käyttöön vuonna 1965 huippumalli Plymouth keskikokoinen Belvedere linjaa.Satellite pysyi top of the line malli, kunnes vuoden 1967 vuosimallista, jossa se tuli puolivälissä hinta malli GTX kun paikkansa huippumalli.

The Plymouth Satellite er bifreið kynnt árið 1965 eins og the toppur líkan í miðjan stærð Plymouth Belvedere línu. The Satellite var the toppur af the lína líkan til 1967 árgerð, þar sem það varð mitt verð líkan með GTX taka sinn stað sem efst fyrirmynd.

In Plymmouth Equium est automobile introducta in MCMLXV summum exemplar in Plymmouth scriptor medio magnitudine Belvedere linea. In Equium mansit in vertice linea exemplar usque in MCMLXVII exemplar anno, ubi facta medio pretium exemplar cum GTX accipiens eius locum summum exemplar.

Satellite Plymouth adalah sebuah mobil diperkenalkan pada tahun 1965 sebagai top model di pertengahan ukuran garis Plymouth Belvedere. Satelit tetap bagian atas model garis sampai tahun, model 1967 di mana ia menjadi model harga menengah dengan GTX mengambil tempat sebagai top model.  



Die Plymouth Satelliet is 'n motor wat in 1965 as die top-model in Plymouth se middel-grootte Belvedere lyn. Die satelliet die top van die lyn model gebly tot die 1967 model jaar, waar dit die mid-prys model met die GTX om sy plek as die top model geword.

والقمر الصناعي بليموث هي السيارات وعرض في عام 1965 باعتباره نموذجا أعلى في خط بليموث في بلفيدير متوسطة الحجم. ظل القمر الصناعي الجزء العلوي من نموذج خط حتى عام طراز عام 1967، حيث أصبح النموذج منتصف السعر مع GTX تأخذ مكانها باعتبارها نموذجا أعلى.

Плимут спутниковое телевидение автомобиль введен в 1965 году в качестве топ-модели в средние линии Плимута Belvedere.Спутниковое остались в верхней части модельного до 1967 модельного года, где она стала средней ценовой модели с GTX заняла свое место в качестве топ-модели.

A Plymouth Satellite egy autó be 1965-ben, mint a csúcsmodell a Plymouth középkategóriás Belvedere vonalon. A Satellite maradt a felső sorban, míg az 1967-es modell modell év, amikor ez lett a közép-díj modelljét a GTX elfoglalja annak helyét, mint a csúcsmodell.

Plymouth’s Belevedere series of '67 offered something for everybody: affordable luxury in the Belvedere I and II, performance in the GTX, and a combination of both in the Satellite. Besides cosmetic changes, the major difference between the three was the powerplant. Unlike the Belvedere that offered both the straight-six and V8 engines, the Satellite only offered the V8 powerplant as standard. From the baseline 273ci, to the “Super Commando” 383ci with either 2-bbl. or 4-bbl. carburetion, all the way to the optional 426ci Hemi, the Satellite offered a more muscular and sporty alternative to the Belvedere, and a more economical alternative to the GTX.

Available in either 2-door hardtop or sporty convertible, the Satellite bypassed the Belevedere’s bench front seats and offered standard bucket seats, with either a sporty center console or a combination fold-down armrest/center seat. Either a three-speed manual, a four-speed manual, or TorqueFlite three-speed automatic transmission, “the most copied automatic in the business”, as Plymouth claimed, were available. Tinted glass, an “energy-absorbing” crash-safe steering column, a comfortably- upholstered attractive interior, power steering, power brakes with dual master cylinders, and power windows offered driver and passengers comfort and safety. The Satellite used the line’s standard suspension, but offered a beefed-up suspension borrowed from the GTX for the Hemi option. Far from being disregarded as a “middle child” of the Belvedere line, the Satellite could stand, and run, on it’s own merits.

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