Friday, March 9, 2012

Lincoln Premiere

The Lincoln Premiere is a luxury car sold by Ford Motor Company's Lincoln-Mercury division. It was produced in both 2 and 4 door versions both seating 6 people. The Premiere was sold in the 1956 to 1960 model years, inclusive, and was positioned below the company's Continental during 1956-1960 and above the Capri from 1956-1959.

In 1956-57 the vehicle featured a 368 cu in (6.0 L) Lincoln Y-Block V8 and it was approximately 223" (5664 mm) long in 1956. The vehicle weighed 4357 lb (1976.3 kg) and had a price tag of approximately $4,600 in 1956, which equals roughly $31,730 in 2005 dollars. The Premiere's appearance borrowed from the radically different concept cars, the Mercury XM-800 and the Lincoln Futura, and the Premiere was known for its stylish exterior, high-grade interior and some unique features.

For example, when equipped with optional "factory air conditioning in 1956-57," the vents were located overhead, much like those in an aircraft. The cool air was directed to the roof via a pair of clear plastic ducts visible through the rear window at each side, connecting upward from the rear package tray. Four way power seats were standard. Front suspension was independent with a stabilizer bar.

Das Lincoln Premiere ist ein Luxus-Auto von Ford Motor Company Lincoln-Mercury Division verkauft. Es wurde sowohl in 2 und 4 Türer beide Sitze 6 Personen hergestellt.

 Премьера Линкольна роскошный автомобиль продан Lincoln-Mercury подразделение компании Ford Motor. Он был подготовлен и в 2 и 4 двери и сиденья версии 6 человек.

La Premiere Lincoln est une voiture de luxe vendus par Ford Motor Company Lincoln-Mercury division. Il a été produit dans les versions de porte à la fois 2 et 4 les deux sièges 6 personnes...

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