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Fiat 1300 - Milletrecento - Zastava 1300 - Tristać

 The Fiat 1300 and Fiat 1500 are large family cars manufactured by the Italian automaker Fiat Auto from 1961 to 1967, which replaced the Fiat 1200. The 1300 and 1500 were essentially nearly identical, but differed in engine displacement, as indicated by model names. They were available as a saloon and estate, and spawned a convertible version, which shared little mechanically with the other body styles except the 1500 engine.

The 1300/1500 and their derivatives were also assembled by the Yugoslavian Zastava and Fiat's German subsidiary, Neckar Automobil AG. The floorpan of the 1500C was used as a basis for its replacement, the Fiat 125, while another model, the Polski Fiat 125p, made by the Polish FSO, was created by mating the body of 125 and mechanicals (engines, gearbox, transmission, suspension) of 1300/1500. In the Italian range, the 1300 was replaced by the Fiat 124 in 1966, and the 1500 by the Fiat 125 a year later.

The 1300/1500 were conventional cars, with longitudinally, front-mounted engines powering the rear axle via a four-speed manual transmission. The engines employed were two versions of the same design, differing in bore[1]:
* Fiat 1300 - 1295 cc (bore 72 x stroke 79.5 mm) OHV 4-cyl in-line with 65 bhp (48 kW; 66 PS) @ 5,200 rpm
* Fiat 1500 - 1481 cc (bore 77 x stroke 79.5 mm) OHV 4-cyl in-line with 72 bhp (54 kW; 73 PS) @ 5,200 rpm

An innovative feature at the time was the fitting of disc brakes on the front wheels.

Both variants started with a wheelbase of 2,425 mm (95.5 in), but from 1964 the wheelbase of Fiat 1500 was increased to 2,505 mm (98.6 in).
[edit] Fiat 1500 L / 1500 Taxi

Fiat 1500 L / 1500 Taxi

These models were essentially Fiat 1800s fitted with the 1500 engine, and therefore referred to as "1500" in Fiat nomenclature. The Taxi version debuted in 1962 and had the engine derated to 60 hp (45 kW). The 1500 L (for "Lunga" - Italian for "long") originally had the same 72 hp (54 kW) engine as the regular 1500, and in 1964 was upgraded to 75 hp (56 kW) along with the Fiat 1500 C.

Le Fiat 1300 e Fiat 1500 sono macchine grande famiglia prodotto da l'italiano d'automobili Fiat Auto 1961-1967, che ha sostituito la Fiat 1200

La Fiat 1300 et Fiat 1500 sont des voitures familiale grande fabriqués par le constructeur automobile italien Fiat Auto de 1961 à 1967, qui a remplacé la Fiat 1200

Fiat Fiat 1300 si 1500 sunt masini mari de familie fabricat de producatorul auto italian Fiat Auto 1961-1967, care a înlocuit Fiat 1200

 Fiat 1300 и 1500 Fiat большие семейные машины изготавливается путем итальянский автопроизводитель Fiat Auto с 1961 по 1967 год, который заменил Fiat 1200

وفيات 1300 وفيات 1500 والسيارات العائلية الكبيرة المصنعة من قبل شركة فيات للسيارات لصناعة السيارات الايطالية 1961 حتي 1967، التي حلت محل شركة فيات 1200

Фиат 1300 и фиат 1500 се големи семејни автомобили произведени од страна на италијански "Фиат Ауто 1961-1967, кој го замени Фиат 1200

Фиат 1300 и 1500 Фиат велики породичних аутомобила су произведени од стране италијанског аутомобила "Фиат ауто од 1961 до 1967, која је заменила"Фиат 1200
Fiat 1300 i Fiat 1500 su veliki obiteljski automobili proizvedeni od strane talijanskog proizvođača automobila Fiat Auto 1961 - 1967, koji je zamijenio Fiat 1200 

Fiat Fiat 1300 in 1500 so velike družinskih avtomobilov izdelana v italijanski avtomobilski proizvajalec Fiat Auto 1961-1967, ki je nadomestil Fiat 1200 

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