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Plymouth Barracuda

The Plymouth Barracuda is a two-door car that was manufactured by the Plymouth division of the Chrysler Corporation from 1964–1974. The first-generation Barracuda, a fastback A-body coupe based on the Plymouth Valiant, had a distinctive wraparound back glass and was available from 1964–1966. The second-generation 1967–1969 Barracuda, though still Valiant-based, was heavily redesigned. Second-generation A-body cars were available in fastback, notchback, and convertible versions. The 1970–1974 E-body Barracuda, no longer Valiant-based, was available as a coupe and a convertible, both of which were very different from the previous models. The final model year for the Barracuda was 1974.

1967 – 1969 Plymouth Barracuda

In 1967, Plymouth completely redesigned the Barracuda. The Barracuda no longed shared any body panels with the Valiant. There were two new body styles available, convertible and coupe, which added to the fastback body style. With the updated redesign, the engine bay was redesigned to accept a greater variety of engines. Along with the 225 ci, and the 273 ci, the Barracuda was now available with the 383 ci.

In 1968, the engine line-up changed again. The base 273 ci was replaced by the 318. The 383 ci received a boost in horsepower, mostly because of better heads. The new engine for this year was the 340 ci. Chrysler rated the 340 ci at 270 horsepower, but NHRA rated it at 290 horsepower!

In 1969, Plymouth finially released the ‘Cuda model, which was just a high preformance version of the Barracuda. The 340 was left almost unchanged, but the 383′s horsepower was increased to 330 hp.

Then around April of 1969, Plymouth added the 440 ci to the engine line-up. Even though the 440 ci was rough handling, it could race from 0 – 60 miles per hour in 5.5 seconds, and race a quarter mile in 14.10 seconds at 104 miles per hour. Finally with the release of the 340 Formula S, Chrysler offered even more horsepower than the standard 340 engine with the handling of the standard 340.

1970 – 1974 Plymouth Barracuda

In 1970, the Barracuda received a major redesign. The newly redesigned Barracuda was based on the E-Body platform, which was shared with the Dodge Challenger. One of their main goals for the E-Body was to be able to throw any engine they wanted in these cars, from a small slant six, to a larger 426 Hemi. To achieve this they used the cowl from the bigger B-Bodies, such as the Road Runner, and worked it into the design of the car.

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There were nine different engines availalbe for the new Barracuda, including the 340 ci 6 barrel, which the AAR carried. In total there were:
  • 225 ci – Slant 6
  • 318 ci – V8 – Small Block
  • 340 ci – 4 Barrel – V8 – Small Block
  • 340 ci – 6 Barrel – V8 – Small Block – AAR
  • 383 ci – 2 Barrel – V8 – Big Block
  • 383 ci – 4 Barrel – V8 – Big Block
  • 440 ci – 4 Barrel – V8 – Big Block
  • 440 ci – 6 Barrel – V8 – Big Block
  • 426 Hemi ci – 8 Barrel – V8 – Big Block
There were four different types of hoods that were put on Barracudas. The regular flat hood was standard. Another model had a non-functional hood scoop on the hood. Other models had the shaker hood, which had a flat hood with a whole cut in the middle where there was a hood scoop extending out from the engine and took in fresh air. Last but not least was the AAR hood. You can read more about the hood that was on the AAR on the AAR ‘Cuda page.

In 1970 they produced what they called the AAR ‘Cuda. AAR stands for All American Racers. The AAR ‘Cuda was offered as a SCCA road racer which was to compete with the Ford Mustang.

Der Plymouth Barracuda ist ein Zweitürer, die durch die Teilung der Plymouth Chrysler Corporation von 1964-1974 hergestellt wurde.
Im Jahr 1970 produzierten sie, was sie der AAR 'Cuda genannt. AAR steht für All American Racers. Der AAR 'Cuda wurde als SCCA road racer, die mit dem Ford Mustang Konkurrenz angeboten wurde.

 La Plymouth Barracuda est une voiture deux portes qui ont été fabriqués par la division Plymouth de Chrysler Corporation de 1964 à 1974.
En 1970, ils ont produit ce qu'ils ont appelé Cuda l'AAR. AAR est pour tous les coureurs américains. Cuda L'AAR »a été offert comme un coureur sur route SCCA qui était de rivaliser avec la Ford Mustang.

Plymouth Barracuda является двухдверный автомобиль, который был изготовлен по разделению Плимут в Chrysler Corporation от 1964-1974.
В 1970 году они произвели, что они называют Cuda AAR. AAR выступает за All American Racers. Cuda AAR 'была предложена в качестве гонщика SCCA дороги, которая должна была конкурировать с Ford Mustang.

Το Plymouth Barracuda είναι ένα δίπορτο αυτοκίνητο που κατασκευάστηκε από τη διαίρεση του Πλύμουθ της Chrysler Corporation 1.964 - 1.974.
Το 1970 παρήγαγαν αυτό που ονομάζεται Cuda της ΕΕΔ ». ΕΕΔ σημαίνει για όλους τους Αμερικανούς δρομείς. Cuda της ΕΕΔ »προσφερόταν ως δρομέας δρόμο SCCA που επρόκειτο να ανταγωνιστεί με το Ford Mustang.

La Plymouth Barracuda è una vettura a due porte che è stato prodotto dalla divisione Plymouth della Chrysler Corporation 1964-1974.
Nel 1970 hanno prodotto quella che chiamavano la AAR 'Cuda. AAR sta per tutti i piloti americani. La AAR 'Cuda è stato offerto come un corridore su strada SCCA che era quello di competere con la Ford Mustang.

1970年,他们生产的他们所谓的AAR的CUDA。 AAR的代表所有的美国赛车。 AAR的CUDA提供了鳞状细胞癌的公路赛车,这是竞争与福特野马。

والبركودة بليموث هي سيارة ذات بابين التي تم تصنيعها من قبل شعبة بليموث لشركة كرايسلر 1964-1974.
في عام 1970 تنتج ما وصفوه كودا في AAR '. AAR لتقف على جميع المتسابقين الأمريكية. وعرضت في كودا AAR 'كما متسابق الطريق SCCA الذي كان على التنافس مع فورد موستانج.

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