Thursday, June 30, 2011

1953 Chrysler D'Elegance

The 1952 Chrysler Coupe D'Elegance show car was built by Ghia (as were most, or perhaps all, of Chrysler's show cars in that era). I don't know what Chrysler did with the original Coupe D'Elegance, but they certainly didn't produce anything like it. Perhaps that's not such a bad thing, as their front end styling was a bit homely, in my opinion.

If Chrysler forgot about the Coupe D'Elegance, however, Ghia did not. A couple years later when Volkswagen (a dirty word on the HAMB, I know) decided they needed to pretty up their model line, Ghia dredged out the design. Most of the elements ended up on the Karmann Ghia coupe:

Amazingly, they started production in 1955. While air-cooled cars are not HAMB material, fifties Chryslers certainly are. Does anybody else think one of these would be kinda cool built as a '50s Thunderbird/Corvette competitor from Mopar? Some kind of custom grille, a carefully hidden tube chassis and a baby Hemi or early Wedge would go a long way back toward Chrysler dream car and away from buzzing VW.

This was the first of Virgil Exner's series of European influenced designs to be rendered by the Italian coachbuilder Ghia. Its sleek lines and spare ornamentation were the inspiration for a series of similar show cars. This one featured custom fitted luggage to fit the space behind the front seats, because there was no trunk. Instead, the car featured electro-hydraulic spare-tire deployment.

Ce fut le premier d'une série de Virgil Exner européenne conceptions influencées à être rendu par l'italien Ghia carrossier. Ses lignes épurées et l'ornementation de rechange ont été l'inspiration pour une série de voitures d'exposition semblable. Celui-ci en vedette personnalisée bagages équipés pour s'adapter à l'espace derrière les sièges avant, parce qu'il n'y avait pas de coffre. Au lieu de cela, la voiture vedette électro-hydraulique de rechange pneus déploiement.

Questo è stato il primo della serie di Virgil Exner di progetti europei influenzati da rendere con l'italiano carrozziere Ghia. Le sue linee eleganti e decorazioni di ricambio sono stati l'ispirazione per una serie di show car simili. Questa funzionalità personalizzate bagagli montati per adattarsi allo spazio dietro ai sedili anteriori, perché non c'era tronco. Invece, la vettura caratterizzato elettro-idraulico della ruota di scorta distribuzione.

Dies war das erste von Virgil Exner-Serie der europäischen beeinflusst Geschmacksmuster durch den italienischen Karosseriebauer Ghia gerendert werden. Seine klaren Linien und schonen Verzierungen waren die Inspiration für eine Reihe von ähnlichen Showcars. Dieser Funktionsumfang individuell bestückt Gepäck, um den Raum hinter den Vordersitzen passen, weil es keinen Stamm. Stattdessen, featured das Auto elektro-hydraulische Ersatz-Reifen Einsatz.

كان هذا هو الأول من سلسلة فيرجيل إكسنر من التصاميم الأوروبية أثرت أن يؤديها غيا coachbuilder الايطالية. وكانت خطوطها الأنيقة والزخرفة الغيار مصدر إلهام لسلسلة من السيارات تبين مماثلة. ظهر هذا واحد الأمتعة المجهزة المخصصة لتتناسب مع مساحة وراء المقاعد الأمامية ، لأنه لا يوجد الجذع. بدلا من ذلك، وظهرت السيارة الكهربائية الهيدروليكية الغيار، الإطارات النشر.


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